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American Living History Education Society
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About American Living History Education Society
This group was formed officially in January 2006.  Our group has been together for close to 18 years and with the amount of public requests for our services, we felt we needed to have a central unit from which to coordinate our efforts.  

Every member is dedicated to providing a colorful platform from which young people can learn and experience American History first hand on a personal basis.  

Many of our Living Historians have dedicated themselves to research, training, public speaking and even historical clothing accuracy.  

​Our Living Historians have varied professional backgrounds such as school principals, teachers, public officials, managers, business owners and corporate employees.  These Living Historians all have a common desire - to accurately bring American History alive through their characters and personas, bringing a human touch and look into our history.

Our group has many facets within itself such as:

  • Voices of American History - Individual speakers and personas for all eras with a strong emphasis on Civil War
  • Military Units - Including all conflicts in American History from British Rule to Present
  • Civilians - Accurate portrayals of Civilian life during all eras in American History
  • Living History Villages - Providing a venue to bring Military and Civilian Personas together in one, easily accessable location
  • Affiliated Units - Specialized groups that can be called upon to meet specific needs, for example, Civil War Artillery, WWII Home Front Life Museum, British Envoys, Etc.
  • Historical Event Planners - Capable of working with groups, towns and municipalities to design and coordinate a complete event from concept to completion
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*Dixie Rose Relief Society
*Field Hospital 
*Chaplain Services
*Chaplain Rene’ Kinard
*Chaplain David Coe
*Chaplain Joe Davis
*Pastor Mike Catron
*Civil War Citizens
*Dr. Samuel Mudd


*First Richmond Signal Corps
*1st CS Field Engineer Corps
*Topographic Engineers


*4th North Carolina Co. B

*1st NC Infantry
*2nd VA Hospital Guard
*2nd VA Infantry
*4th NC Infantry Co. D
*26th NC Infantry Co. C
*42nd Mississippi Infantry
*52nd NC Infantry Co. B (US)
*55th NC Infantry Co. A


*Jeff Davis’ Battery B 


*2nd Corps Field Hospital
*Antietam Army Hospital
*Sharpsburg Hospital  
*Letterman Hospital
*Mumford Hospital


*The CW Spies
*The Pinkerton Agency
*The Sanitary Commission
*CS Generals, Lee, Longstreet, Anderson, Breckenridge
*US Generals, Meade,  Buford, Sickles, Slocum
*British Advisors
*Federal Generals Corp
*Gen Hampton and Staff
*Gen Longstreet and Staff